Barry's Top Care Tips!

This is a general guide, each plant is different and every home has a unique growing climate. The best way to care for your plant is to let him tell you what he needs, you can form a magical bond with your cactus once you start recognising how to spot what he’s asking for. Everyone has it in them to be a great cactus parent!


Less is more, you want to let the soil completely dry out, and only then do you want to give him a big old drink. You can water from the bottom up, by pouring water into your ceramic pot and letting it sit there for a few minutes, just remember to drain excess water out afterwards. Make sure not to let water accumulate at the bottom of the pot, cacti hate having wet feet as this can cause root rot.


Your cactus will thrive in a warm place (15 to 25 degrees celsius is ideal) with lots of light in the day, a sunny windowsill is ideal.  Humid bathrooms might be great for tropical plants, but your cactus doesn't need to see you shower, and would rather be kept somewhere dry. 


In his growing period (during spring and summer) you should use a special cactus feed but only use a couple of drops about once every four to five waters. Don’t feed him at all during the dormancy period in autumn and winter.

Potting and repotting

It’s important to use a special cactus & succulent potting mix rather than normal houseplant soil. 

Normal houseplant soil or potting mix retains moisture for too long and can lead to root rot. Cacti generally need repotting every 2 to 4 years, make sure you only go one pot size up and that your new pot has drainage holes. 


Cacti need to go into a state of dormancy during autumn and winter, so cut way back on watering and cut food out completely to help force him into a state of rest.