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You will receive one of our colour block pots with a beautiful Schlumbergera  AKA Christmas Cactus.

The Christmas Cactus is a popular, winter-flowering houseplant that will adapt to low light conditions but will produce blooms more readily if exposed to brighter light. That being said, too much direct sunlight can burn its leaves. 

An ideal situation would be well-lit yet out of direct sunlight with a humid atmosphere. Improve humidity by using gravel-filled saucers to place your plants upon and keep these moist.

Steps to encourage flowering:

  • After winter flowering, a resting period is required. From late January to late March, reduce the watering to only occasionally so that the compost does not completely dry out and reduce the temperature to 12-15°C
  • The growing season is from April to September; increase watering and start feeding with a houseplant liquid feed
  • During the summer months, when the risk of frost has passed, they can be placed outside or in a warm bright room. This will help to ripen new growth and encourage flowering. Keep them in a shady spot and protect from slugs.
  • From mid-September, the flowering buds start to develop. The watering and temperature should be reduced with a second resting period. But only until the flowering buds have formed, then increase the temperature back to 18-20°C and resume regular watering
  • Your plant should then flower and give you a wonderful display. Exact temperatures are not critical to promote flowering provided there are two resting periods with a reduction in watering and temperature

Pot and Plant height  15cm  

Pot 7cm diameter

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