Cactus Seed Mix
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Cactus Seed Mix

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An assortment of easy to grow cacti that are all suited to window-sills or greenhouses. Height 10-60cm.

Your pack should contain Carnegia gigantes, Ferocactus aconthodes, Ferocactus wislenzii. Lemairocereus thurberi. Opuntis phaecantha, Opuntis chtorotica, Pachycereus pringlii, Cylindropuntia Imbricata.


Sow from mid-winter to late summer in a free-draining compost, just covering the seed with silver sand. Seal in a polythene bag or cover with glass until germination which can take from 2-12 weeks. As this is a mixture, different types will germinate at different times. They will all germinate at 21 -24C  but for most rapid results we recommend gradually raising the temperature over a period of 2 weeks from 14C  to 30C, when the large green seed leaf has been observed.

Prick out into 6cm pots, and water carefully until established.

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