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Blue Torch Cactus in Red Clay Pot
Blue Torch Cactus in Red Clay Pot
Barry The Cactus

Blue Torch Cactus in Red Clay Pot

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 You will receive a Pilosocereus azureus (Blue Tourch) in a red clay pot.

Plant 18

Pot 9x9cm 

This stunning blue cactus from Brazil can reach a wapping 10 meters in height! He will produce white funnel-shaped flowers once he reaches around 1 meter tall.

Pilosocereus translates from Latin to ‘hairy torch’

Caring For Your Plant:

 1.He loves full sun,  the brighter the sunlight, the bluer he will become 

2.Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering.  Water regularly in the spring and summer and very sparingly as he rests in the winter.

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