Air Plant - Tillandsia ionantha
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Air Plant - Tillandsia ionantha

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Air Plant

Tillandsia ionantha

Air plants are epiphytic, which means they survive by absorbing water and nutrients through their leaves, rather than from the soil.

They are native to Mexico and South America. They use their short, wiry roots to attach themselves to branches, cliff-faces and even power cables, rather than rooting in soil.

Air plants love air. What a surprise. Putting them in a spot where they'll get good air circulation allows the leaves to dry between waterings, just as they would in the wild. An open window (when it's warm) or a fan can help.

Tillandsia live for about 5 years, then deteriorate after blooming. However, they grow offsets, called pups, around the parent plant. Leave these pups attached until they are about half the size of the parent plant. Propagating pups will give you an ongoing collection of beautiful plants.

Light: Bright, indirect light. 

Water: Spray plants twice a week, until they are thoroughly wet. Or you can take them to the sink and run tepid water over them. Don’t soak them. Turn plants upside down to allow excess water to run off. Standing water at the base of the leaves will cause them to rot.

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